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The Devine Inventory™ System is a customized behavioral and competency assessment tool that drives increased performance.

To create the actual assessment, the Inventory compares a participant's behavioral profile with your organization’s Success Profile™, or peak behavioral profile, for a particular position. Detailed reports are then generated on demand to understand how the participant compares. The final assessment is generated dynamically and can be viewed online within seconds of the participant completing the online surveys. You are notified via e-mail automatically once the assessment is ready for viewing.

The Inventory utilizes a fully validated 25-minute assessment for both applicants and employees, and is comprised of the following components:

Overview The Inventory provides a quick and easily understood summary of the assessment’s critical data, supported by clear illustrations and direct links to information you wish to examine more closely.

Competencies Behaviors are analyzed to rank a participant’s competencies, which might include work productivity, problem solving, expressiveness, adaptability, leadership potential, sales effectiveness, service orientation, organizational values, strategic thinking, and transaction proficiency. You can use our standardized competencies, or customize, add, or remove competencies to better match your corporate vernacular.

Descriptors A vivid, detailed narrative examines, describes, and compares a candidate’s behavioral profile against the Success Profile™ for the position in question.

Coaching Guide This tool provides a succinctly written analysis of the descriptors so a manager can more effectively coach a job candidate in a specific role, ensuring increased productivity, loyalty and personal satisfaction on the part of the participant.

Risk Assessment The Inventory identifies the risks that could result from matching a candidate to a particular position by comparing the participant’s assessment results to the role’s critical traits.

Qualitative Questions The Inventory creates interview questions for a participant that help you explore all areas of potential risk, enabling you to address critical issues prior to hiring a candidate.

Growth Opportunities Built-in tools and resources are specially designed to help existing and potential employees foster their own professional and personal growth. You can also add your own courseware and professional development tools to the Inventory.

PeopleSearch™ Ranking The Inventory helps you choose which candidates to hire, coach and develop by ranking their assessment results against the requirements of a specific role.

CultureBest™ and TeamBest™ Taking a big picture look at your organization, cutting-edge analysis reports help you close the gap between your organization’s current performance capabilities and your ideal culture.
Reports Select and print an analysis report that you can review anytime anywhere, or share easily with management.

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