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The Devine Inventory™ System helps you accurately predict who will be successful employees in specific roles by comparing the behavioral tendencies and competencies of existing employees and job applicants against an organization’s top performers. Leading organizations throughout the world use the Inventory to select, hire, and develop their employees and leaders.

The Inventory is secure, fully functional, user intuitive, and completely Web enabled, allowing an employee or job candidate to take the Inventory anytime from any location with Internet access.

The Process is Simple

1. Existing and potential employees complete the Inventory online or offline. If taking the Inventory online, participants use secure access codes provided by The Devine Group.

2. We instantly process the results and record each participant's unique profile.

3. We compare each participant’s profile with the Success Benchmark™, or requirements of the position for which they are applying.

4. The Inventory instantly produces full assessments and identifies which candidates are potential Top Performers within an organization.

What Happens Next

With basic information recorded and calculated for a group of participants, our system provides cultural analysis, team analysis, organizational development, and succession planning applications, all of which lead to reduced turnover and candidate selection costs, and an increased number of good people placed in their ideal roles within an organization.


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